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Health Care

Ferret Health Care

Can You Afford Routine and Emergency Veterinary Care? As a rule, ferrets are generally very healthy if you do your part to provide good nutrition and yearly veterinary check-ups. It is very important to establish yourself and your ferret with a ferret-familiar vet. Veterinarians who are not familiar with ferrets can cost your ferret their life!

Vaccinations are extremely important:

  • Baby ferrets (kits) require a series of three PurevacD shots and a yearly booster to keep them protected against canine distemper. (NeovacD can also be used as an off-label use when PurevacD is not available.) Adult ferrets require a yearly booster. This disease is 100 percent fatal to ferrets.
  • A rabies shot will reduce the chance of your having to have your pet destroyed for rabies testing. Each state has different requirements for rabies vaccinations.

Unfortunately, ferrets are susceptible to tumors and cancer. Early detection by your vet can save your pet’s life!

The best way to prevent health problems is to start by purchasing a good quality pet from a reputable breeder or pet store. A good quality pet, given high-quality food and high-quality veterinary care, can provide you with many years of happy companionship.